California millionaire disowned by family over risqué career choice


A California OnlyFans influencer claims her parents disowned her over her risqué career choice — despite the fact that it reportedly made her a millionaire at age 26.

Jasmine Teaa

“I realized their love was conditional.”

Jasmine Teaa

“The turning point came when they gave me the ultimatum of doing my job or being part of the family.”

The Los Angeles native allegedly rakes in $1 million per year by sharing X-rated photos to her OnlyFans page, where she bills herself as a “thick Filipina babe” who loves to “dance, play video games, and post nudes on the internet.”

Needless to say, it was quite a bold venture for the Asian-American skin star, who had a very bubble-wrapped upbringing.

Jasmine Teaa

“Growing up, I didn’t have a great relationship with my parents because they kept me in a bubble and didn’t let me go out drinking or go to parties. I had no friends, and I was so sheltered.”

Teaa reportedly started down the path to pornography after hawking X-rated pics on OF as a way to make ends meet as a broke college student.

The amateur creator, who also boasts nearly 500,000 Instagram followers, initially shared lingerie and nudes with her face blurred out but soon decided there were no half-measures in adult entertainment.

That’s when the savvy businesswoman decided to do a face reveal à la a contestant on an X-rated version of “The Masked Singer,” which earned her a whopping $20,000 in one fell swoop.

All was going swimmingly until her mother dredged up her bank statements and discovered the real source of her income.

Jasmine Teaa

“I had paper statements being sent to my home address, and they had a tendency to open up my mail anyway. When my mum saw the income from a company she didn’t recognize, she looked up the name and found out it was an adult site.”

When the porn-treprenuer returned home that day, her mom reportedly “tore” into her daughter. Teaa said that it was the threat of disownment that made her realize how “narcissistic” her parents were. Thankfully, she found an emotional safety net outside of her mother and father.

Jasmine Teaa

“My sister respected my career and she stood up for me. I really appreciate her for that, as she never judged me and was a good support system throughout all of that ordeal.”

It took a whopping two years for the sex-iled gal to reconcile with her parents. She said her parents finally came around after seeing how happy she was — and said they were also “very proud” that she could make it on her own.

Jasmine Teaa

“I’m a lot closer with them than I have ever been, and they can see that I’m able to support myself.”

Teaa shared that her parents have also benefited from her lucrative career as she takes them “to nice dinners” and is able to “plan family fun days out.”

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