Fitbit updates its app and teases something for September 28th

The news teaser is brief: it’s a six-second video on X (formerly Twitter) showing a person swinging their arms and wearing a wrist tracker of some kind that looks a lot like something from the Charge family.

A new Fitbit tracker crossed the FCC recently, so it’s not a total surprise that Fitbit has something new in the works. 9to5Google reported last week that Fitbit is working on a Fitbit Charge 6 that will bring back the physical button, so the timing seems to check out for this new device being a new Charge. And the device in the video looks a heck of a lot like the Charge 5, which tracks with 9to5Google’s description that the device is “exactly like the Charge 5” except for the inclusion of the button.

I think I’ve cracked the case, but see for yourself — and mark your calendar for September 28th.

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