Chicago mom and her father found dead after toddler answers call

A Chicago hospital worker and her father were found shot to death – after the woman’s 2-year-old son appeared to be alone when he answered a FaceTime call from a worried co-worker.

Javonni Jenkins, 27, and her dad Curtis Hardman, 79, were discovered dead Wednesday in their apartment on South Drexel Avenue in the city’s South Side, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Jenkins’ colleagues at Holy Cross Hospital became worried when she didn’t show up for work and they couldn’t get in touch with her.

Her co-worker Nicole Worth finally got someone to pick up a FaceTime call to her phone – Jenkins’ 2-year-old son CJ.

“I could see that he had no clothes on. He was just in a diaper. So now something’s wrong,” Worth said.

The colleague then asked police to conduct a welfare check on the family.

Javonni Jenkins, 27, and her dad, Curtis Hardman, 79, were found dead after her 2-year-old son answered a call from a worried co-worker.
Family Handout

Worth and several other friends and colleagues also rushed to the scene, where police entered the apartment about 10:50 a.m. and made the ghastly discovery.

Jenkins and Hardman had been fatally shot. The child was unhurt.

“The whole time I had the baby on the phone, he was very content, playing with his toys,” Worth told the outlet.

“Once I had that baby on the phone, and after a certain amount of time of no parents calling [for] the baby, you don’t hear that — there’s something wrong,” she said.

“We came a little too late,” the anguished woman said. “We saved the baby. That’s all we could do.”

Slain Chicago man Curtis Hardman, 79
Police found the bodies of Jenkins and Hardman, above, during a welfare check.
Family Handout

No one has been arrested in the shocking crime, which Deputy Police Chief Sonora Ben said appeared to be an isolated incident.

“I don’t think the public should be concerned,” Ben said at a news conference.

Worth, who worked with Jenkins as a medical assistant at the hospital, said she last saw the woman and CJ on Tuesday night and did not sense anything was amiss, NBC Chicago reported.

When Jenkins’ friends and coworkers went to the apartment Wednesday morning, they noticed that the door was unlocked before police entered, Worth told the outlet.

“[The cops] gave us the baby,” said a friend who was with Worth at the apartment, speaking on condition of anonymity. “They gave us CJ, and then we walked downstairs until they came in and informed us that [Jenkins] was gone.”

Javonni Jenkins, 27, who was shot dead, and her young son
“We came a little too late,” anguished co-worker Nicole Worth said.
Family Handout

Jenkins’ cousin, Germaine Owens, said his kin didn’t “have an enemy in this world,” adding that “for somebody to take her life — you’ve got to be some demon or monster.”

Friends said Jenkins was raised by her dad after her mom died when she was a baby, the Sun-Times reported.

“That girl had a heart of gold,” Worth told the paper. “She wore her heart on her sleeve. She had a smile that would light up a room. You never saw her down. You knew when something bothered her, but she didn’t speak much of it, but she’d just brush it away.”

Jenkins’ stepsister, Angela Brooks, mourned her slain dad, saying he was the type of father “that every little girl dreamed of.”

Slain Chicago woman Javonni Jenkins
Police said the double homicide appears to have been an isolated incident.
Family Handout

She told the Sun-Times that she “never heard my father have an altercation, raise his voice or get upset.”

Brooks added: “I know my father died protecting my little sister. He was a hero.”

Hardman’s ex-wife said her former spouse would babysit CJ while Jenkins was at work.

“He was a good-hearted person,” Cherry Hardman told the paper. “He would help anybody. I could call him and say, ‘Curtis could you come and do this for me?’ and he’d say, ‘OK, give me a minute.’ He helped anybody.”

The grieving family says they have not been given any information about the crime.

The Post has reached out to Chicago police.

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