Kristen Bell warned Russell Brand she’d ‘sock him’ if he tried anything on ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’

When Russell Brand played oversexed rock star Aldous Snow in the 2008 comedy film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” co-star Kristen Bell gave him a stern warning about his behavior on set, the actress said in a resurfaced interview.

“I made it really clear from the beginning that I would sock him in the b—s if he tried anything,” Bell, 43, told the Daily Mail in 2010 of the British comedian who’s well-known for his promiscuity. “So he was intimidated.”

On Saturday, Brand, 48, was accused of sexually assaulting, raping and emotionally abusing four women, ranging in ages from 16 to 31, from 2006 to 2013. He strongly denies the allegations.

In another 2010 interview, shortly after Brand announced his engagement to pop star Katy Perry, Bell told the UK’s Daily Record a similar story of her “Marshall” days with the comic, who played her sex-crazed new boyfriend.

“He didn’t try to mess with me or get in my pants,” she said. “He knew I would lop his n–s off.”

Kristen Bell told Russell Brand she would “sock him in the b—s” if he made a move on her during the filming of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” she said in a recently resurfaced interview.
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The actress, who was aware of Brand’s messy reputation, added: “Russell loves everyone to know that he’s a womanizer and he’s done all these strange things, but I think secretly hiding inside Russell is a very nice boy.”

On a video posted to Brand’s Instagram before the joint investigation from The Times of London, The Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches dropped last weekend, the comic denied all the accusations, saying his sexual relationships “were absolutely, always consensual” and calling the report “a coordinated attack.”

The Times reported on Monday that “several women” have come forward with information about Brand since the story’s publication. And Brand’s manager, Tavistock Wood, has terminated his contract with the comedian.

Kristen Bell and Russell Brand
Brand played Aldous Snow, a sex-obsessed rock star who begins dating Bell’s Sarah Marshall.
©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

The news has also reignited interest in an even earlier screen role of Brand’s — as a teenager accused of violently assaulting a man on the British crime series “The Bill.”

On a 1994 episode of the long-running ITV series that gave many celebs their starts, an 18-year-old Brand played Billy Chase, a petty thief who is arrested for nearly killing a man, cutting up his face and taking his eye out. Like Brand, Billy also adamantly denies any wrongdoing.

“The fight, two nights ago… you left a man for dead!,” an investigator shouts at him.

“I was never there!” the teen responds.

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