King Charles gives Kate ‘blessing’ to do what sparked Diana ‘jealousy’: royal expert

King Charles has given Kate Middleton his stamp of approval to steal his spotlight.

The Princess of Wales, 41, made an unexpected appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday and while some people feared she overshadowed the monarch, 74, he’s actually OK with it.

“Whilst it is Charles’ head that wears the Crown, it is [Prince] William, Catherine and their children that will steal the limelight,” royal expert Robert Jobson wrote in an article for the Daily Mail.

He went on: “They are bound to. And it is right.”

“This time, it will be with Charles’s blessing – for he knows for monarchy to survive it must be relevant to the younger generation,” the “Our King” author revealed.

Royal sources were reportedly “alarmed” that Charles’ visit to the garden show was hindered by Middleton’s stopover.

“It’s a shame that his visit with [Queen Camilla] received less coverage than it might have expected to,” they told the Daily Mail earlier this week.

King Charles and his wife Queen Camilla made an appearance at the garden show shortly after Middleton did.

The sources also noted that the amount of press coverage given to Middleton may find Charles to feel “eclipsed” by his daughter-in-law.

When Charles was married to the late Princess Diana, he also often felt that he was cast aside and she was in the public eye more than him.

Diana — who passed away in 1997 — even admitted that the then-Prince of Wales was envious of her popularity.

Kate Middleton
The Duchess of Cambridge attended London’s Chelsea Flower Show on Monday.

“The pressure on us both as a couple with the media was phenomenal, and misunderstood by a great many people,” she said during her infamous “Panorama” interview in 1995.

She added: “We’d be going round Australia, for instance, and all you could hear was, ‘Oh, she’s on the other side.’”

princess Diana
Lady Diana gave a bombshell “Panorama” interview in 1995 with Martin Bashir.
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

“Now, if you’re a man like my husband, a proud man, you mind about that if you hear it every day for four weeks. And you feel low about it, instead of feeling happy and sharing it,” Diana explained, adding it caused “a lot of jealousy.”

“A great deal of complicated situations arose because of that,” she sighed at the time.

Martin Bashir was responsible for the controversial BBC interview and allegedly used “deceitful behavior” to acquire the tell-all.

Diana’s brother Charles Spencer claimed in 2021 that the disgraced British journalist, 60, used fake bank documents and lied about her being bugged by security services to get the interview.

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